Dallas BBQ


Last night the Dallas Mavericks had an incredible fourth quarter finish to win over the Miami Heat.  Why not celebrate with some Dallas BBQ down at Times Square?

Well, the reason’s not to are aplenty.  The “famous” wings were bland and tasteless, as well as their rotisserie chicken.  So what about the steak?  It might have been okay, if it wasn’t cold when I ate it.  But even then, I imagine it’d be okay at best.  Well, bland chicken and cold steak sucks.  At least there’s the baby back pork ribs right?  Well, the meat was also a bit chilled and relatively tasteless; I tasted nothing but the BBQ sauce on it, which can only be categorized as slightly above mediocre.  Oh, and the cornbread, don’t get me started on the cornbread, is this really what cornbread is supposed to taste like?  I definitely much prefer the cornbread at Amy Ruth’s, and as for BBQ, I’d rather stick to Rack & Soul.

The huge and hectic dining atmosphere reminded me of a bar scenes, except with ribs instead of pitchers.  Probably good for large raucous parties, but not the most ideal place to enjoy a satisfying meal with a loved one.  It only gets as high a rating as it does because it technically didn’t taste “bad,” it just wasn’t good.  And at least it didn’t make me sick.  The price was also reasonable.  The wings look expensive, but their very sizable; again, their just bland tasting…


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