Red Rooster


This place has been hyped up so much in recent weeks by New York Magazine that I finally had to stop and dine here.  It was lively and happening with live music and a bar at front.  The atmosphere was nice, but loud, so not the best place for a romantic dinner, but probably a good place to start a night of drinking and fun.

My meal started off with some Crab and green stuff soup; it was a cold soup.  It was not the best thing I’ve had.  It was to be made from coconut milk but I could hardly tell; the only real positive is that I think the cold soup helped to make the crab meat taste a lot better.  My opposite ordered some cornbread.  Frankly, I was firstly appalled by the fact that there was no complimentary cornbread, and all I can say is that the cornbread here is at least better than that of Dallas BBQ.

My main course consisted of the Steak Frites.  I ordered it rare, which is the way I like my sirloin steaks, with a pool of blood preferably.  The meat was good, and it was actually rare and not overcooked.  It was very much to my liking, however all the complimentary stuff was not so on par.  The sauce was too much for me, for I liked the taste of my meat; the truffles were too large and I felt they would’ve done better with perhaps sometime of truffle shavings just to add to the flavor instead of compete for it against the steak; and the fries… well…  I like things salty usually, these fries were probably the saltiest I’ve had in a long while.  They would’ve been impossible to eat had it not been for the waiter constantly refilling my glass of water.

Across the table, I sampled my mate’s Fried Yard Bird, which was average at best.  Too much breading for me personally, and the meat was nothing special.  My favorite part actually was the hot chili sauce they provided, but I swear, they probably just took it from El Aguila (which by the way is one of my favorite restaurants).  Additionally, I believe it caused some minor stomach issues, which does not please me at all.

Overall, upbeat atmosphere and what seems like good ingredients, except for maybe the chicken.  In my opinion, they just haven’t put it altogether, but I think the pieces are there to be a great restaurant.  It’s just not quite there yet.  This however will make me second guess some of the recommendations from New York Magazine though.  However, I’m still excited to try Torrisi Italian Specialties someday soon…..


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