Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)


After much anticipation, I finally got around to seeing the latest Transformers movie.  I had pretty low expectations, but because Transformers was undoubtedly one of my favorites as a child, both because of the animated show and the toys, I had to go see it.  Of course I had to see it in IMAX 3D too, the way it was intended to be seen.

Well, what can I say?  It was without a doubt a Michael Bay movie.  Explosions, things battling, sparks flying, slow-motion camera work.  It was undoubtedly visually stunning, although the 3D movies always leave my eyes incredibly strained.  The biggest problem though wasn’t anything with the actual visual effects themselves or the technology.  The problem was that the shots and the battles were nothing new, nothing spectacular, nothing that I haven’t seen in the past; it was the same, just in 3D and with better CGI.  There was little to no innovation in terms of using the technology to produce something beyond my own imagination.  For this year’s non-stop action-packed adrenaline filled movies thusfar, this still pales in comparison to Fast Five.  The biggest point of redemption for me is that every time I see Optimus Prime show up and start crushing the opposing army, it makes me reminisce upon those childhood memories from the early G1 Transformers years:

Kup:  “Prime did it, he turned the tide.”

A side complaint:  The new movies did not have the musical genius of Stan Bush, which I can understand because songs like “Dare” and “The Touch” only happen once in a lifetime, but at least the last two had songs that I quite enjoyed.  “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park was aptly chosen for the first movie and “New Divide” was specifically written for the 2nd movie.  This 3rd installment’s theme song was definitely sub-par and a poor choice; not only that, the entire soundtrack sounded like generic epic sci-fi battle music.  Steve Jablonsky might as well have saved himself the time and just used the music from the last two Transformers movies.  Either way, it’s not even close to the same level as Vince DiCola.

One surprising thing is that there was almost an entire hour of story building and development in the beginning of the movie.  It’s already more than I expected But again, still nothing new and nothing unpredictable or out of the ordinary.  I wish that the production of a visually stunning movie didn’t have to coincide with unoriginal and uninspiring story lines.  Even when I saw Avatar, it merely reminded me of Ferngully (which I need to re-watch again because I enjoy it so much).

In conclusion, this isn’t even the best action movie of the summer, and if you had to spend money, I’d recommend going matinee as I did.  Also, the new girl is not nearly as hot as Megan Fox, but she probably is smarter in real life.


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