Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)


Well, I’d seen every Harry Potter movie up until now, so I might as well see the last one and find out what happened.  I surprisingly have read only one of the books, which I suppose contributes to much of my confusion throughout most of the series.  All Harry Potter movies may rank lower than general in my opinion because frankly, they leave me with nothing afterwards.  Entering this movie, I reflected upon the fact that I’ve seen all of the previous movies yet recollect nothing about any of them.  Trying to remember them is like trying to remember a dream, there are bits and pieces combined with feelings, but I don’t know any details, not even what the main theme was or if any significant events took place.

Unsurprisingly, this final installment of the theatrical series is no different.  But looking back, the feeling that I got from the movie was that it was enjoyable to partake in.  Many events and twists and turn seemed disjointed, but I am unclear whether that is the way the book was written, or if it is a problem of the movie-makers trying to touch on all the important events while glazing over the details and in-between events as quickly as humanly possible.  Either way, it was entertaining, just not well put together.  One thing I probably should’ve done is watched the previous movies again.  Perhaps it would’ve all tied together in a much more complete manner then.  It is clear that this is just half of a movie from leaving the theater.

Apart from my lack of immersion from Harry Potter culture was that it was still clearly aimed more at younger audiences with its themes and acting.  Scenes that appeared to me should’ve been more dramatic were often hurried through, whereas other scenes that weren’t so significant were put into slow motion to extend the dramatic effect needlessly.  It was almost as though I could feel through the acting that they knew that this was the last movie, and their hearts had already moved on  to the rest of their lives.

Well, like I said, it was an enjoyable watch, but somebody has to remind me what happened again?  Someday maybe I’ll check out Wikipedia and see how all the separate events really tied together because I don’t really understand from watching the movie.  Watch it, enjoy it, forget it; that’s what happened to me, and has happened to me with every Harry Potter movie.


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