Apparently there’s always a $35 prix fixe menu at Apiary, just normally not on Friday’s, the day we happened to decide to pop in.  It’s a good thing it’s still restaurant week.  I realized that I often pass this restaurant and have just never really taken notice to it.  At 5:30, we were able to enjoy the complete restaurant to ourselves, but even then the service was a little more sluggish than I would’ve preferred.  Today’s meal was enjoyed with a pint of Speakeasy’s Prohibition.

To start, we had the Chilled Corn Veloute and Baby Romaine Salad.  The salad was typical and did not strike out in any way that amazed me, a typical good salad is all I can say.  As for my corn soup, it was chilled and good, but also nothing so amazing that I could not forget.  I only know that the chilled soups are a delightful treat and a pleasant way to start a summer dinner.  About all I can recall thinking is that at least the corn is better than that in China, which doesn’t take much.

The main course consisted of Roasted Organic Chicken and Atlantic Merluza.  This here was an example of a good chicken that was not that good.  The chicken was not as flavorful as what I had sampled from the previous restaurants, and it was a classic example of a chicken that was not roasted perfectly, leaving a dry and hard to swallow feeling in my mouth.  At least it was organic though; I suppose that should make me feel a little better.   The fish was quite enjoyable though.  More memorable than the bass I had at Telepan, but it really just made me want some authentic bouillabaisse.  It was beyond satisfactory, but I quickly inhaled the fish, and slowly savored the little broth that I was given.  Perhaps I will have to seek out an authentic French restaurant next.

We ended the dinner a Trio of Ice Cream & Sorbet along with Vanilla Panna Cotta.  The ice cream was a typical chocolate and vanilla along with an atypical raspberry sorbet.  The raspberry was much more sour than I had really expected, but it was refreshing.  Unfortunately, I can’t say it was anything exceptional.  I think I could’ve scooped it out of any fancy ice cream shop myself.  As for the panna cotta, it was unimpressive compared to that of The Red Cat from a few days ago.  Not only was the dessert itself not as satisfying, it also was not showered with a large array of berries.

All in all, this is a good restaurant.  Perhaps it still may be a bit pricey for what it is though.  And unfortunately, for someone of my tastes, I can find versions of the same dishes that I enjoy much more at other restaurants.  A worthwhile experience, but I am not sure I’ll be back unless someone can convince me that I just chose the wrong dishes to sample.


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