Limitless (2011)


Oh Bradley Cooper, you’ve come such a long way since Wet Hot American Summer.  I guess this movie was a good demonstration of the variety of roles that you can play.  Still, the film itself could’ve done more I suppose.  The idea was interesting, but in a way potentially doomed for failure.

The idea of such a drug is extremely intriguing to me.  But the obvious concern would be, what if others were taking the drug too?  And, what are the limits of this drug?  I still don’t believe a person with 100% of his brain capacity would’ve made some of the mistakes that he made.  I guess this is the reason that I believed such an idea was doomed to failure.  Much like he said at the end, he’s “50 moves ahead,” ergo, I cannot see how he would’ve allowed any of the troubles that happened to manifest in reality.  Connecting all the dots in his genius brain, he should also be able to predict all the misfortunes and probabilities of their occurrences, thereby preventing them all.

Eddie Morra really should have been able to get to the end with out all the drama of the middle parts, except for maybe the time loss that he experienced.  Which is the only area they could’ve really exploited to make a more thorough story that might’ve led to his downfall.  But the writers almost completely ignored what happened during his memory lapses.  I guess he didn’t make any bad decisions during his blackouts, oh, except for maybe killing that woman, but I guess we will never know.

For a movie idea that was doomed to likely failure, it was not bad.  I’m glad they didn’t try to make it any longer, but also sad that they took it a very different direction from one that I thought would’ve played out in a more exciting manner.    Now if only I could get my hands on some NZT-48…..


One Response to Limitless (2011)

  1. indietrent says:

    Great post! This is one of those films that is just so intriguing on so many levels. I feel that the end could have been a bit stronger but in the end it turned out to be a pretty great film. I would recommend it to anyone looking to be entertained. It’s definitely better than that awful Smirf’s film.

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