Cowboys & Aliens (2011)


This movie was almost a complete mystery to me.  Going in I had no idea what to expect.  Was it going to be a ridiculous, out of this world, borderline B-movie?  Or perhaps it’ll be an action-packed bloodbath like Aliens vs. Predator?  Well, this is what it’s about:  a mysterious man wakes up with no memory and proceeds immediately to start kicking ass for about 2 hours.  I guess I did expect that too.  But in the end, this movie was, in my mind, a mish-mash of many movies I’d seen before, rolled together and filmed with famous actors.

From the early scene of night time abductions, the movie began to remind me Altered, which few may have heard of, but it was the common “aliens abduct humans at night for experiments” theme.  The scene was similar, up until the part that Jake starts retaliating with alien technology.  From then on, it just reminded me of a western and more action oriented version of District 9.  Things progressed pretty much as expected.  They revealed the mystery behind Jake much earlier than I expected, but it didn’t hinder the story-telling.  The girl was something else for sure, but I still don’t understand what her situation is.  Will she be back?  Obviously burning her to death doesn’t actually work, so why would an explosion?

One thing I was surprised by was their offensive tactic in fighting the stronger, more technologically advanced alien miners.  My initial plan would’ve been to take off alien arms and steal their weapons, since as far as we knew, there was nothing really stopping humans from using the alien weapons.  But no, we stuck with our pistols and arrows (minimal effectiveness), knives (effective at close range), and spears and shotguns (highly effective).  At least the actors seem to get very proficient with alien takedowns.  The first few aliens were impossible to get down, but by the end they were getting headshots and one hit kills with ease.

Coming out of the movie, I just really want to go horseback riding on the open plain.


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