For dinner today, we ventured to the grocery restaurant amalgamation of Eataly.  Upon random selection between all the restaurants in Eataly, we ended up going to the formal dining establishment here, Manzo.  It was indeed classy looking from the atmosphere.  In a bright and lively area, they had hollowed out a small corner and dimmed the lights to produce the standard fancy restaurant feel.  The menu also reflected its class as I opened to a first page which presented me with an intriguing seven course summer tasting menu option for $90 per person.  I guess it’s fortunate that I didn’t get it though, since seven courses does seem like a significant amount of food, probably more than I should eat at this point.  It’s probably even more fortunate that I didn’t get the tasting menu with the wine pairing too which would’ve cost $60 more on top of the original cost.

Instead we opted  to start off with some authentic Mozzarella.  Simple and delicious, dipped in oil, with nuts and crispy bacon on top, as well as two small pieces of garlic bread on the side.  It was delicious, but why were there three pieces of mozzarella but only two pieces of bread?!?  Why??  No matter, I love cheese and will eat pounds of it at a time without any kind of bread, cracker, or wine.

For the main course, I selected Raven & Boar Whey Fed Pig which was made into some sausage form this evening.  I guess I’m not enough of a pork connoisseur because I can’t really describe the depth and details of what I enjoyed.  The fat was juicy, and the sausage was salty with a bit of spice flavor.  My stomach is smarter than I am though, because it gets upset by low grade meats and on this night, it had no reason to revolt.  The pork was served in a shallow plate of oil and vinaigrette which worked out very well.   The potato and arugula were adequately flavored by it the sauce.  With the meat, the sauce mix was just subtle enough that I could taste a hint of it without it overpowering the flavor of the meat.

I was then given the opportunity to finish a plate of the Fettuccine.  Egg, black pepper, and asparagus were all that were in this!?  The few morsels of it that I sampled were amazing, though quite oily.  Regardless… next time, I will probably go with pasta in Eataly.  I had heard much more rave reviews about the pasta and fish than the red meats.  This small sample of the pasta proved that, at least in terms of my taste buds, I would prefer the pasta here.  But Manzo was supposed to be more known for its red meats, so I couldn’t deny trying it.  No dessert on this night, just a simple stroll past the chocolate and pastry sections was enough for us.


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