Vine Sake & Sushi


I was so lazy today, and I didn’t want to go anywhere far.  After a year of living around Columbia University, I suppose it was about time I gave this joint a try.  Thank you Google Maps for the image, since I couldn’t seem to find one of this place on the internet.  That’s not really a surprise though.  It was a pretty bland place.  It most definitely was not good, but it wasn’t horrible enough for me to really say anything bad about it either.

We ordered Morningside Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls, Chicken Katsu Bento Box, and a Tofu Pad Thai.  Everything tasted exactly the way I would expect it to from a very average quality Asian restaurant.  The pad thai tasted like generic noodles with generic sweet sauce.  The Philly rolls tasted like generic cream cheese (not even Philadelphia cream cheese) and your everyday tuna.  Chicken katsu was a fried piece of chicken that was neither tasteless nor tasty.  The Morningside rolls were, I’m guessing, an innovation of theirs, but it just tasted like fish and veggies rolled together.  Their innovative roll definitely did not leave an impression, especially after I had just tried the Sushi Samba rolls the other day.  but the portions here were “American-sized” and bigger than the average sushi place.  Never in my life have I seen such a big bento box; I think most I’ve encountered are only about half the size of the one at this place.

Well, this restaurant gets points for being close to where I was when I wanted dinner, and it gets points just for not being horrible.  I was sad to say that even on my way out, I did not see a single table with food on it that I thought looked especially interesting or appealing.  But the waitress did yell at us while we were leaving.  Well, we thought they were yelling at us, but they never did get the attention of whoever they were yelling at.  Someone probably forgot something.  The employees were almost nice enough to give some extra effort to return it, almost…


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