Your Highness (2011)


This is a movie where I saw the preview about two years ago and I was eager and excited to see it premier this past spring.  Unfortunately, as soon as it hit theaters, it got very bad reviews across the board.  So finally four months after its theatrical release, it was about time that I see this movie for myself and decide if this was really that bad or just one of those that I might classify under special interest.

The story is in no way revolutionary or new; it is a retelling of the hero questing and saving the fair virgin from the prophesied dark lord.  I knew this going in, but I didn’t know whether this would be its own telling of this story, or a parody of all those other recent fantasy adventure movies.

I believe it to be the former because the dialogue and story of this movie  were so unique and ridiculous.  I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised when Danny McBride was the main writer on this project. Naturally, it would be in his style of comedy.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t exciting or that funny.  More than anything else, it was probably just shocking and unexpected, often leaving me jaw open and asking, “did they really just go there?”

I really have no idea how they recruited so many big stars such as James Franco and Natalie Portman.  My thought is that they were probably allowed access to copious amounts of alcohol and marijuana on the set and encouraged to partake in it.  I believe the film should probably be viewed in the same manner.  At present, I thought it was just ridiculous and bad, but I can easily see this being an amazing movie if watched with the right group and with an ample amount of substance abuse.  It is indeed bad, but it could improve noticeably from a viewer’s mental impairment.  I would highly suggest a bottle of whiskey, a water-bong, and a fun crowd around you if you intend to watch this movie and enjoy it.


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