The Iron Giant (1999)


I remember hearing of this movie long ago, but finally someone forced me to watch it, strongly suggesting that I would enjoy it.  On this momentous day, I found a friend (in the movie) who also aspires like me to be just like Superman.  Who doesn’t want to be a hero?  I certainly do, although I’m not from Krypton nor am I made of iron with built-in weapons of mass destruction.

The Iron Giant is one of those friends that every dorky child, like myself and Hogarth, dreams of having.  Even if I could never be awesome and amazing, I might have a best friend who is all those things and more.  It’s not really that different from most people wanting to be like E from Entourage with Vinny Chase as the best friend, except that I guess most older people aspire to have famous millionaires as a best friend instead of a superhero.  The happy aspect of this movie was of course the blossoming friendship between a boy and his iron friend; the dark aspect though was the fears and insecurities of mankind desiring to own, control, or subdue all things that he does not comprehend.

I am always sad to see fellow humans act out in such rash ways without even an attempt to reach out in understanding.  I guess that’s why in movies we often hear them say “shoot first, ask questions later.”  Unfortunately that doesn’t work out so well when you are shooting at a killing machine which has been tamed.  Luckily, the giant has a better heart (mind?) than us, and becomes a true Superman by saving all the people of that little town in Maine from nuclear destruction.

But, poor Hogarth lost his only friend.  However, maybe the giant will be back someday?  Iron Giant 2?


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