True Grit (2010)


Despite gaining so much acclaim, I did not get a chance this movie until very recently.  I wondered how it would compare to the original True Grit movie starring John Wayne.  The original seemed like a timeless classic, and I wondered if Jeff Bridges would top John Wayne’s performance as Rooster Cogburn.

I can’t say I really liked it better or worse than the original.  Perhaps I had such high expectations for this version that were not quite met, but it was still fun to watch again.  It was still surprisingly similar to the old movie even though I had read many reviews saying this one was more faithful to the book.  But, now I’m interested in reading what exactly happens in the book.

I must say, John Wayne seemed like a much happier Rooster than Jeff Bridges did.  Jeff Bridges’s version was a better angry, pathetic drunk, which is the way the character is meant to appear.  All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but it was mostly carried by Jeff Bridges’s acting, and I felt the other actors contributed little to the movie.


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