Shanghai Kiss (2007)


Glancing over the name and description of this movie, I thought it would be a quirky romantic comedy between an Asian guy and a white girl.  Then I discovered that I was very wrong…  Instead, it is a movie about a pathetic Chinese-American guy trying to figure out “who he is” while cheating on his high school girlfriend because he doesn’t want to be a pedophile.

Throughout the whole movie, I find no love or attachment to the main character Liam, not even at the end.  Although, by the end he’s figured out that he needs to get a life, and that Ade is a great girlfriend.  And, Liam probably does have “potential to be an actor” in the movie.  I also believed that he really had genital herpes from his commercial audition.

There are only three reasons I paid attention during this movie:

  1. I’m a fan of Hayden Panettiere from her roles in Heroes and even Remember the Titans.
  2. I foresee myself becoming a variation of this pathetic guy in the near future, and not having a real life.  Thus, I wanted to learn what not to do so I could avoid becoming such a total waste of life.
  3. China is cool.

One Response to Shanghai Kiss (2007)

  1. AnonymousArizonan says:

    I royally hate this movie. There is literally nothing good about it besides the eye candy actor and actresses.
    The movie is nothing more than pro-America (Apparently, this guy thinks the United States has no poor people or criminals, despite he’s technically both.), pro-pedophilia (realistically, they’d be doing stuff, also pedophiles love this movie, and it tells groomed girls it’s okay, which it’s not – also it says women have problems, so go rape a little girl to not have to deal with… Oh, wait, then she has problems! Better dump her and rape another!), pro-rape (each is raping the other, or will be soon after the end), pro-loveless relationships (He doesn’t even like her. At all. That’s not just loveless, that’s attractionless.), and pro-running away from what you really want the moment a challenge arises.
    I’m sorry, but that character is not a man, and should have been played by someone more so-so, or even ugly, in order for it to make sense. Likewise, that girl would be only so-so or worse, hince why she thinks she has to force herself on someone not interested.
    That story cannot realistically be played by the eye candy cast they used.

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