Super 8 (2011)


This film was thoroughly advertised last summer with captive commercials that gave no inkling as to what the movie was about at all.  I decided it was high time that I finally watch it even though I had heard many mixed things about it.

A word that many critics have already used with it is “nostalgic,” and it’s definitely true.  Not only is it nostalgic because of the setting of the film, but also the entire theme.  My friend was quite correct when she said at the end that it seemed like a grown-up version of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.  I guess it isn’t that surprising since Spielberg was also a producer of Super 8.

For me, many parts of the movie felt like the previously J.J. Abrams produced film, Cloverfield.  It was probably the whole thing with not seeing “the creature” except for brief glimpses.  But at least in this movie, we had some music to listen to; a lot of interesting music…

I still don’t really understand why so many people were so excited about this movie, and why it was considered one of “the best movies this summer.”  It was good, but not a film I would go crazy over, or even rank in the top ten for 2011.  No matter what genre I consider it from–action, science-fiction, drama, nostalgic–there were better competitors on the big screen this year.


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