Chasing Amy (1997)


I feel conflicted about this movie.  This conflict is reflected by the “drama” genre classification, as opposed to “comedy.”  The first 75 minutes were fantastically fun, comedic, and entertaining; the remainder was dramatic and full of crying, screeching, high-pitched arguing.  The latter did not please me.  It was not what I expected from a movie usually listed under the comedy genre.

The beginning was exactly the type of movie I was expecting and looking forward to.  The end was filled with so many stupid decisions and so much annoying yelling.  Although I do like the story, I didn’t like the execution.

My conclusion is that this movie should be watched when you’re in the mood for a serious movie, and not when you’re looking for a happier, more light-hearted romantic comedy.  I was looking for a romantic comedy, not this, when I watched it.


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