50/50 (2011)


I put 50/50 on thinking it would be a good story-driven comedy; however, by the I found the movie barely comedic, but very moving.  It seems I am an advocate of the theory that the best dramatic movie scripts originate from real-life stories.  The ads I saw in addition to Seth Rogen as the supporting actor led me to believe 50/50 would be much funnier than it truly was.

Despite not getting what I expected, 50/50 was a very worthwhile watch.  I find myself liking Joseph Gordon-Levitt more and more in his recent roles, namely this and Inception.  Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Seth Rogen.  I’m not sure I’ve like any of his movies.  And it was nice to see Anna Kendrick get out of her Twilight roles, except this role wasn’t a great display of her talent either.  At least, I think she’s much much easier on the eyes than Kristen Stewart.

Watch this when you have the time, but expect a true, emotional story that helps you understand the pain of knowing your days are numbered because of a terminal illness.


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