Neverland (2011)


It was no surprise that Neverland was a Peter Pan story.  It was a big surprise that the movie was so long and included credits in the middle, then I found out it was really a two-part miniseries.  I like their take on the origin and existence of this fantasy world, and the fact that Charles Dance had a part in it.  Neverland was a spectacle of beautiful scenes and magical worlds that reminded me of the scenery from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe movie–the snow, the mountains, the plains, everything.

The story was well-imagined, but slow pacing, poor acting, and poor effects made Neverland a sub-par movie for me.  Perhaps it is because I can’t stand poor wire usage in flying scenes, since they are much more practiced with their wire-fu movies.  But again, more than anything, slow pacing and long, dragged out scenes made the movie difficult to endure.  There were a number of moments when I wanted to stop watching.

Even when considered as a two part miniseries, the story was still long and slow.  The producers really should have written out more of the story and made this into a limited one season series.  I also miss the quality of having a series that is actually limited to one or two seasons, instead of dragging out until the title is no longer profitable.  Neverland would’ve made an ideal one season series.  And, seeing the ending, I guess such a series is still a possibility.  But, it would still need to be cut into shorter intervals for it to be bearable.


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