The Hunger Games (2012)


The Hunger Games movie was pretty much exactly what I expected.  It was a white-people version of Battle Royale with less of a focus on the psychological aspect of the competitors.  Instead, The Hunger Games stressed the media and commercial aspect of the competition, and it actually reminded me a lot of The Condemned.  I was pleasantly surprised by most of the movie and Jennifer Lawrence was beautiful and innocent looking.  Strangely enough, she looked much better in the wild than when dressed up.  Also, I’m not used to seeing her in skin that isn’t blue.

I don’t think I’ll ever really understand why hosting The Hunger Games every year discourages rebellious uprisings.  If anything I’d think it would lead to more riots, much like what happened in District 11 after Rue’s death.  It was yet another classic scene showing what happens when people without guns stand up to people with guns.  I’m also opposed to the idea of in-game rule changes.  Although, I guess by doing so, they really demonstrate that The Hunger Games are indeed a giant commercial spectacle rather than a sport of history and tradition.

I wish that we could have seen the the games from some of the other competitor’s views as well.  At the end, it sounds like Cato also has his side of the story, fighting for his district, and living up to high expectations.  Unfortunately, the story only unravels from Katniss’s point of view and gives a very narrow perspective on the entire competition.  I’m not sure if this is the way the story was meant to be told, or if it is a testament to Jennifer Lawrence’s performance and the attention she was able to draw unto herself throughout the entire two hours.  I often found myself cheering for Katniss to win, but that’s partly because I didn’t know any of the other competitors in The Hunger Games either.  No surprise, at the end, nothing has really changed, and we can look forward to another exciting Hunger Games competition next year.  And sadly, the competitors didn’t even try anything revolutionary against the game creators or the president.  I guess we should expect a sequel.

I was surprised to see Lenny Kravitz play a key role.  As well I’ve been very pleased with Woody Harrelson’s recent roles.  The Hunger Games is definitely a  movie worth watching, but I’d invite anyone that sees it to compare it to the Japanese movie Battle Royale, or the manga if that’s more your thing.


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