Attack The Block (2011)


Attack the Block is the story of 15-year old Moses, from street thug to savior of the planet, or at least savior of South London.  After mugging a neighborhood nurse, Moses and his crew are attacked by an alien that crash lands next to them.  After slaughtering the first alien, more start landing in search of the first one.  At first, it looked like Attack the Block would just end up another cult classic and fall into the realm of watchable B-movies, but the story never sank to the typical low levels.

The characters were meaningful and weren’t just a bunch of foul-mouthed teenagers with witty one-liners.  They were troubled but each boy had his own “thing” that he brought to the crew.  I also really appreciated the use of the katana in Attack the Block.  Kids might not have guns, but they can have swords, which ultimately proves to be much more effective in an alien invasion.  Even the really young kids, Props and Mayhem, come up with a creative way to slay bear-wolf aliens.

The story itself was simple enough, yet it was still fun to watch.  Some scenes would probably be too gory for faint of heart, but there weren’t many of those.  It was mostly just watching kids on bicycles trying to fight aliens with katanas, baseball bats, and a lot of fireworks; and also watching the one trying to hit on the nurse they robbed in the beginning, but later discovered was their neighbor.  The South London accent was a challenge to understand at certain points, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from setting aside 90 minutes to watch this exciting alien war.  I feel like Attack the Block is what would’ve happened if E.T. was evil instead of good.


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