Killer Freebies® etcetera

So, while thinking about my distant lover who won’t be home until tomorrow, I was so bored and unmotivated that I decided to explore and see what the online world could offer me for free.  I ended up signing up for quite a number of offers.  I trust that all offers that I signed up for would eventually be sent, however I move out of my current in apartment in just over two weeks, so the real test will be to see how many I will actually receive before I leave.

I’ve signed up for so many offers; now, let’s see how many I can recall…  It all started from Killer Freebies
Next stop was StartSampling
Then there was Free Mania
Finally, it all ended with something much more practical from CNN Living, where I discovered how to gain something that Abbé Faria in the 2002 Count of Monte Cristo movie called “priceless.”   That is, knowledge, for those of you who haven’t memorized that movie.  Apparently a whole host of online MIT classes are free and widely available to the public.  I guess I’ll take that.   Now there’s really no excuse for me to go back and re-learn Linear Algebra and review Multivariable Calculus on my own.

Time Warner Cable


Time Warner Cable, you have the worst service ever. I haven’t had so many disconnects in a year since I was using my 33.6Kbps dial-up modem in 1997. It’s true that at times you connect at awesome speeds, letting me download things at up to 1Mbps, but it is not worth it when the other 90% of the time your service is either intermittent or non-existent.

I must also complain about the lack of accessibility to the wireless modems you hand out. They are easily hacked and I’m sure anyone that’s using one is at a security risk. Everyone knows that the password is the modem’s MAC address plus 14 more zeros at the end. Maybe this is part of the reason why my internet sucks too; only the gods could know how many of my neighbors are actually stealing my internet. If only I could hide my network, or limit the access by MAC addresses, or even just change the password to the network… If only…

Your prices as well are mediocre at best. You’re just lucky that you’ve cornered this market and there’s no Comcast High Speed Internet or Verizon FiOS in Manhattan. But, with service this bad combined with the rise of 3G/4G Mobile Broadband, I think your reign of terror will end soon enough. Unfortunately, I must suffer your wrath for at least one more month. Oh the horror. Time Warner Cable, you get two stars for at least connecting sometimes, and on rare occasions being blisteringly fast.