Shanghai Kiss (2007)


Glancing over the name and description of this movie, I thought it would be a quirky romantic comedy between an Asian guy and a white girl.  Then I discovered that I was very wrong…  Instead, it is a movie about a pathetic Chinese-American guy trying to figure out “who he is” while cheating on his high school girlfriend because he doesn’t want to be a pedophile.

Throughout the whole movie, I find no love or attachment to the main character Liam, not even at the end.  Although, by the end he’s figured out that he needs to get a life, and that Ade is a great girlfriend.  And, Liam probably does have “potential to be an actor” in the movie.  I also believed that he really had genital herpes from his commercial audition.

There are only three reasons I paid attention during this movie:

  1. I’m a fan of Hayden Panettiere from her roles in Heroes and even Remember the Titans.
  2. I foresee myself becoming a variation of this pathetic guy in the near future, and not having a real life.  Thus, I wanted to learn what not to do so I could avoid becoming such a total waste of life.
  3. China is cool.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)


Naruto Ramen


I love Naruto the anime and manga!  Naruto loves ramen!  Naruto Ramen must be a great place!  I had been craving a visit to this place for quite a while, but because of its relatively inconvenient location for me as a west sider, I hadn’t made the trip yet.  But finally, the day had arrived.  It was only given a 3.5 on Yelp, but that didn’t discourage me.  I know that many Yelpers do not necessarily share the same tastes as me so it was still worth a shot.

I ordered the Tantan Ramen and my partner in crime went with the Naruto Ramen, which I assume should actually be the most popular and best ramen that this quaint little shop offers.  In addition, we tried the handmade gyoza, which I had seen signs for outside.  It’s supposed to be one of their famous dishes.

Unfortunately, nothing at this place lived up to the hype, except for maybe the setting.  The food was as unimpressive as it gets.  The order of six gyoza varied greatly in taste, from acceptable to outright bad tasting, being overpowered by a strong chive or scallion type taste.  My Tantan Ramen also fell in the acceptable range of tastes.  Probably the spicyness covered up most of the lack of taste from the soup.  The noodles were cheap and doughy, not the kind I expect from a quality ramen store.  I thought that the store’s #1 ramen would taste a little better.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I tried one bite of the Naruto Ramen and I was done.  It pales in comparison to the other leaders that I have been pampered by such as Ippudo NY and Totto Ramen.

I probably won’t be back here, but I would compliment the place by saying it is better than horrible.  I hope my next ramen adventure won’t be so disappointing.  I won’t be fooled by these stores using the names of my favorite anime/manga again!  At least, I won’t be fooled by it anytime soon… I hope…..